Your comprehensive mentoring program for the business of
Personal Branding Photography


Breakthrough is a step-by-step mentoring & implementation program created by me - a working professional photographer - that shows you the exact blueprint I use to attract and pre-sell intelligently priced personal brand packages, how to create systems to save your time and build a tribe of loyal repeat clients, ALL with personal guidance and support to push past your blocks and barriers that may have slowed you down so far.


Whether You're…

A Portrait photographer on the always-need-to-be-finding-new-clients treadmill (perhaps struggling to market yourself), shooting first and then praying for the sale after

A wedding photographer who is looking to replace the lucrative seasonal income but unsociable hours with more consistent and profitable income within family friendly hours!

Looking to diversify as you know that Personal branding will just get bigger and bigger with the rise of social media and more and more businesses transitioning to online models

Before I tell you more about this high-touch mentoring program, Let Me Tell You Who this is Really For…

You’re a passionate photographer who is tired of feeling like you are just not quite making it and you are ready to finally build a business that serves the lifestyle you feel you deserve for all your hard work, serve clients who value and pay you what you are worth and of course are ready to make more consistent and predictable income.

You’re in the right place and I am going to tell you exactly how Breakthrough + having me in your corner can give you the tools, inspiration and guidance on your journey to creating your dream business.

Crafted intelligently priced packages that are profitable, value driven and locked in (instead of constantly second guessing and changing them)

Identified who your dream clients are and what they want from you to you can deliver and experience and final product they will RAVE about

A Step-by-step marketing plan and action steps to generate leads now - with the ability to generate more leads wherever you want them

Proven sales conversion system for pre-selling full packages both online, on the phone & then up-selling afterwards (whilst you sleep)

Mapped out your customer journey and set up the a repeatable (and automated) system to save your time and avoid the headaches in the areas that are most likely bottle-necking your growth

A system to make sure that your clients and you are both best prepared for the ultimate shoot day experience 

A strategic and elegant sales system to get your clients returning to you again and again and again!

Confidence in your online presence, in your social media and messaging, and be a gun at writing Ad & Sales Copy!

If you like the idea of achieving these outcomes...

And you have been searching for a mentor to guide you on the way...

After 21 years as a working professional photographer, I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to make the switch from demanding weddings & portraits to the high-profit and relatively easier hours of a Personal Branding Business Model.

And more than anything, I want to share what I have learnt - all the good parts - oh OK and I will share with you some of the not-so-good roads I went down to help you avoid the costly mistakes I made along the way.

I have created a 3 month immersion experience where I will personally review, offer feedback, guide you and yes even kick you in the ass if you need it to help you focus on the areas in your business that will help you to grow in all the right ways.

I will show you how to implement repeatable systems and processes to free up your time so you can do more of what you set out to do in your business, and that is light, pose and capture people!

Experience the extra time, freedom and financial rewards that Personal Branding provides - and take the real tangible steps to work with people who are passionate like you and really light you up.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, and do the work, I personally guarantee that the 12 weeks spent with me will be completely life changing for you and your family.


"If you work in Personal Branding Photography and want to up-level (or looking to switch to personal branding) this is definitely for you.

Paula’s positive energy, skills and knowledge will make a huge difference to your business which will have a flow on effect to your personal life. Well worth the investment."


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Due to how hands on I am in this program, and how dedicated I am to you getting results, places are limited. For this reason (and as I am a busy photog myself) we only run this intensive mentoring program a few times a year.
Integrity is my highest value, and I only want to work with those who I know I can help to achieve results, so if you know you are ready to do the work, and are ready to improve, adapt or even overhaul your current business model...

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"The name of the class - Breakthrough - is perfect because that is exactly what I experienced. Not only is the content of the class amazing, but so is Paula. She is an amazingly patient and interested teacher. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking to shift to personal branding photography. Paula is a master!

Jennifer Cappozzola, Pennsylvania USA

Breakthrough is the most incredible programme and Paula is just the BEST! The course itself has been carefully put together to be practical and full of conversation. The weekly interaction on the coaching calls is invaluable and Paula goes out of her way to answer questions in dept and push you to literally break through.

Bronwyn Mostert, Christchurch NZ

"Before working with Paula I was stabbing in the dark as to whether I was putting my energy into the right areas... too many shiny objects making me promises of success!!! I now have confidence and have changed direction, got my family time back. found my 'calling' and Know that when I put myself out there it WILL happen!"

Debi Brett, Brisbane Australia

Some of My Amazing Alumni... 

Welcome & Set Up

We are going to spend 3 months getting into the nitty gritty, so this week is about getting you set up to get you starting out on the right foot.

You will be granted access to the program portal where there is a little mindset training, plus we will get you set up with your own personal Google Doc account, this is where I will get you to submit all your course work so I can give you feedback.

You will also be granted access to a ready done-for-campaign, so if you want to get started bringing in some $$$ to help get back your initial investment you can start putting that to work for you.

Plus we will also kickstart with our first live call as a group so you can get to know everyone you will be spending the next 3 months with!


> Get you back your investment early, with a done-for-you campaign so you can focus on strategically plugging the program lessons into your current business.

> You can walk the clients you book using this campaign through the new and improved systems and workflows as you create them (& test along the way).

> No need to do “Folio Building” Shoots for free, you can get paid whilst you folio build.



Business Fundamentals

Here is where it pays to learn from someone who has gone before you. I know where most creatives tend to bury their head in the sand, so we are going knee deep into the business end of things to get started.

We’ll begin setting you up for success so you can start creating the life you want from your business. 

You are going to create your perfect day scenario, and then we can start to build a business that will support YOUR dreams.

Because that is why you went into business for yourself, not to feel like you are constantly having to battle up a hill or be a slave to horrible hours and fluctuating cash flow.


> Get clear on your numbers so you will have a focussed outlook of what you want your life to look like and the money that you need to support it

> Start receiving money more freely and easily into your business with mechanisms in place to help you to eliminate cashflow stresses

> Future-proof yourself from any litigation or copyright breaches so you can sleep soundly and know you are secure.



Value & Packaging

By far one of the biggest areas I find most photographers struggle in is understanding how to price themselves and their work, sadly most are undervaluing themselves and leaving so much money (and pride) on the table. In this module we are going deep into how to value, price and package YOUR personal branding photography.

When you recognise your unique set of skills and talents that only you bring you can use that to help you to stand out and then start to align your positioning around your strengths.

Then you get super clear on who your niche market is, so can really start to create collections they will love, but that you also love to deliver.

Highlights :

> Learn how to position yourself as a leader in your area, and finally have the kind of language to use that will connect to clients who you will love to work with.

> Discover your package pricing sweet spot with intelligently priced and value packed experiences. No more second guessing or wavering, and say goodbye to discounts and no sales!

> Uncover YOUR X-Factor to excite your prospects about working with you, so the prices (almost) become irrelevant.



Customer Journey

Have you ever felt bogged down with answering repetitive emails, answering the same questions, lost track of where you are at with a client or worse again, forgotten or lost your client to-do list? 

This module is all about creating a consistent and repeatable experience so that each and every client travels through a carefully devised nurturing sequence with you, designed to make them feel supported and important.

And best of all once you set this up once, you never have to touch it again!

Highlights :

> Map out the journey you want each and every client to take with you. Create a memorable experience that will have them wanting to come back time and again.

> Systems to save you having to repeat the same boring admin tasks over and again and free your time to do more shooting or hiking or cocktailling!!!

> Save time with every email template you need (already done-for-you), simply plug in and make them your own, did I say happy hour???



Shoot Day Planning

Personal branding photography is a big step for your client to make (and if priced right a substantial investment) so it is important to make sure you take the time to plan fully with them beforehand. This module is all about getting both you and your client organised and prepared for the best photoshoot experience.

Whilst it is really nice to be super free and creative and allow spontaneity to fly on a shoot, with personal branding photography you do need to have an element of discipline to make sure you meet the clients brief.

Once you learn what your client wants, you can then create a shoot experience to exceed their expectations :)

Highlights :

> 3 key areas you need to explore to help you and your client maximise your time together (and increase your revenue at the same time!)

> Uncover the stories your client needs (but doesn’t yet know) you to bring to life to free yourself up more creatively and avoid any creative blocks that may come on the shoot day.

> Learn how to coach clients on clothing, props, styling and location scouting, to create a dynamic range for them and for your folio too!



It's Break Time!

OK so this is your chance to take a little break, catch up and get everything you have worked on so far into action in your website, CRM and BTS workflows.

Also too I will be here to help guide you through any tech hiccups you might have along the way.

You will enjoy the satisfaction of taking everything from worksheets and ruminating in your desktop to actually getting it into action and having your behind-the-scenes systems and automations in action!


Getting stuff done - all your systems, automations and email templates will be in action working for you

> Locked it all in - No more changing your mind on your pricing, you will have it locked into your workflows and systems, no chance of flip-flopping!

> Clarity & Confidence - you will be ready to start bringing clients in and you will know they will be well looked after in your new and improved systems!




So many photographers I know spend their lives being reactive in their businesses, doing lots of activities they think will drum up business and sit back waiting for the phone to ring.

In this module, we get proactive so that your time spent on marketing will deliver the right number of quality leads to make your Perfect Day Life become your reality.

You will learn how to articulate what you do in a way that is enticing to someone else, and remove any ickiness you might feel about marketing you. 

Highlights :

> Uncover Core Marketing Message. Step outside of yourself, and learn how to communicate with your audience in a way that they will hear and relate to online and in person.

> Craft high converting campaigns to attract High quality Warm Leads using the latest strategies that are working in my own business right now, and get off the always-need-to-be-finding-new-clients treadmill.

> Learn the 9 Secrets to Networking Success to make sure you are intentional and get the best return on your most valuable resource, your time!



Implementation Week

This week is a well earned catch up so you can make sure you are starting to put into action everything you have worked on so far.

This weeks focus will also be to get everything you have worked on working inside of your website. 

This weeks call will be focussed on a website review, to make sure you know exactly where to put the lesson work from the start of the program into action and to work in your website.

Remember this program is all about action and implementation, so this week is solely focussed on getting it off the page and into action!

Highlights :

> A chance to catch up on any course work that you have not yet completed with my supervision

> Enhance your current website with upgrades to copy and layout, so your core message speaks to your new ideal audience throughout your site.

> Peer review on what is working and not working in your site, suggestions on tweaks and improvements from outside eyes!




The wonderful thing about Personal Branding Photography is that for the most part you are pre-selling the packages, rather than having to shoot first and hope for a sale later.

This of course comes with a bunch of positives but may also present challenges to you if you have not done this kind of selling in your business before.

We are going to cover two main methods of pre selling, online and in person/on a call, so you can be confident with both methods and tailor to suit your strengths.

Highlights :

> Overcome any negativity you may have around selling once & for all. So you can help your customers shift past any fears or nerves they have around stepping in front of your lens.

> Free yourself from the stresses of a shoot first and sell after model with proven upfront sales techniques. And enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing you are already in profit when you are getting ready for the shoot.

> Establish a core sales process that works for you and your personality. And even sell LOTS more images whilst you sleep!



Implementation Week 2

This week is in place to help you to really revisit the marketing and sales modules, two of the biggest places a lot of creative can get stuck!

If you choose to implement the Facebook Marketing strategy, we will use this week to refine your ads to get them launched.

You will also have time to review your current sales processes and adopt and integrate the new techniques inside this program.

Highlights :

> A chance to catch up on any course work that you have not yet completed with my supervision

> Facebook ad launch with my supervision to make sure you have them set up correctly and launch to test results.

> Sales process review, to make sure you are not leaving any money on the table in your sales calls and sales meetings with clients.



Post Production & Workflows

After 21 years of photographing all types of jobs I know I am a quick and efficient shooter & run a lean and mean back of house, so this module is going to share with you a wee little sneak peek behind the scenes into the back of house post-production a variety of shoots with me.

Branding Photography, for the most part, does not require high end retouching, in fact it is almost the opposite, but we will walk you through all of the factors you need to consider to prepare & present your images online!

Highlights :

> Watch & learn how to manage small shoots like instagram influencers with accessories to promote and how to upgrade a realtor shoot from 1 image to 12 in just 20 minutes

> Watch how to shoot VIP clients who will return again and again (& learn how to maximise the shoot so they do come back) with an online entrepreneur across multiple locations and a service based in-house business shoot. Both shoot’s 150+ quality images in just 3 hours!

> BTS workflows & software hacks to deliver the best quality product you can to your client using effective workflows and file management and avoid late nights and weekends spent staring at your screen!



Social Media & Community

If you are in the business of helping others with their personal brand, you need to make sure yours is up to scratch! This module is all about getting comfortable with sharing more of you and your work by bringing people into your world and cultivating your own personal brand!

Embrace sharing more of you and creating community, whether it be in person or online and benefit in more ways than you will ever know!

Cultivate closer relationships with those who you work with both on your team (if you have one) and also your high level clients so those around you feel more valued and supported.

Highlights :

> Clarity on your own personal brand, your brand story and decided where is best to spend your valuable time online to avoid getting sucked into time-and-energy-sucking-rabbit-holes. 

> Simplified social media plan in place so you can start to create more connection and engagement with your community

> Create your own VIP tribe, invite and entice your favourite loyal clients to become recurring returning clients (hello FREEDOM!) 



Celebrate & Wrap-Up

This is your time to celebrate, after-all you will now have renovated your whole business and be operating from a whole new business blueprint.

Say goodbye to any more indecision around pricing, workflows, direction or strategy, you will have all of this in your bag and be ready-set to go and conquer!

This last week we will review all of your work, answer all of your last questions and enjoy a big celebratory virtual champagne party in our last call together.


Complete marketing strategy - you will have your marketing strategy in place and be working towards growing your audience with regular & consistent email and social media 

> Sales Confidence - Using whichever method you decide is right for you and your business success you will be able to enjoy more stability in your sales processes

> Automation Heaven - switch off from those boring old tasks now that your communication is on auto-pilot and you can trust that your customers will reap the benefits and send you more love



A simple quick breakdown if you are not a reader or all that just
seemed too much...

8 Implementation Modules sharing with you my business blueprint that has EVERYTHING you need to turn your business into a profitable, efficient and successful personal branding

Weekly Group Calls with my eyes on all your course work for 3 months, my feedback to make sure you are on track + the backing of a supportive community on the same path as you 

A complete Step-by-Step Marketing Plan showing you how to create and execute high converting ad campaigns that ethically and authentically will attract appreciative clients

Sales Process Framework to sell high-end intelligently priced packages upfront, to make sure you never experience a no-sale/low-sale ever again

Done-for-you Templates for Contracts & Emails to save you time and make you money.

The Business of
Personal Brand Photography

You’ll be given access to one module per week (plus a few implementation weeks)- so that you have ample time to dive into all the lessons and implement that part of the business strategy BEFORE moving onto the next.

We do this to make sure to protect you from overwhelm or info-overload that most likely has halted you in creating your dream business before.

3 months of live Mentor Sessions - get answers and get clear in these group calls, be challenged, inspired and energised with not only me but the feedback and support of this intimate group.

An active a highly supportive Facebook community run by team PB to make sure you get unstuck in a few hours instead of weeks.

A space to overcome isolation by connecting with other photographers from around the world who are on the same journey and will help you push past any fears and obstacles

After the 3 months inside the Breakthrough private Facebook Group you will be moved to my Breakthrough Alumni facebook group where we do monthly calls

What You’ll Get:

3 months of Mentoring Sessions with Paula Inside of the Private Breakthrough Facebook Group for Members Only


 Get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum


Get you back your investment early, so you can focus on strategically plugging the program lessons into your current business.

You can walk the clients you book using this campaign through the new and improved systems and workflows as you create them (& test along the way).

No need to do “Folio Building” Shoots for free, you can get paid whilst you folio build.

This is a fully done-for-you campaign, I have included links to the script, some stock images (if you need them) and landing page template I used. All you need to do is decide how much you want to charge and then go and make it your own.

Why I know this campaign will set you up for success: 

Done-for-you Campaign


When you are accepted into Breakthrough, you’ll automatically get access to a high converting campaign that I put together in just one day and it made me over $10k in one week.


Each job, including reference, client names, date of shoot so you never lose track and easily locate your past shoot details

Total revenue & average per job type & lead source + keep a track of leads to conversion ratios > the stuff that is seriously going to move the needle in your business

Your marketing and audience metrics, so you can make sure that your business is growing consistently

You’ll get access to the exact already-worked out for you 10 page spreadsheet that will help you track everything that matters most in your business, so you will know how you are tracking and what needs improvement at a glance.

Using this incredible resource you’ll easily be able to track & reference :

Profit Planner


Know your numbers: calculate your reach leads, conversions, client references, averages for each job type so you can track all of your sales and marketing data in one easy to manage place


PLUS A Whole Lot of Other Inclusions!
To Help You Generate Momentum Through The Program (And Beyond)



It’s an intimate, intensive group training for professional working photographers who want to grow their business (and still be good humans) through support & strategy from me and my team.

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"I have so much clarity about the services I provide, who I want to provide them to and how I want to deliver them. I'm feeling more confident - like a 'real' business owner more in control of my future, instead of someone just playing around hoping potential clients will take notice."

Alison McWhirter, Melbourne Aus

"Paula is very passionate about what she does.
I really enjoyed the process. The Breakthrough Program with Paula is not just about taking your business to the next level but personal life too.
How to combine all together that it works well for YOU!"

Olessia MCGregor Brisbane Australia

"Paula not only teaches, she learns about you. She helps you pick the system & strategies that work best for you, your personality, & your goals. Sure, she's an open book to her processes but she understands that everyone's a bit different and in different stages of their business. She helps guide you to what's best for you right now."

Lenora Stein, Texas USA

More kind words from photogs like you... 

Still "Thinking About It"?

You are all in and have been working at building your business for a good while now, or you know you are just on edge of being able to finally pack in your demanding “other job”, but you just keep spinning with a lack of direction and know you need to focus now to bring your dream life into fruition.

More importantly you really don't want to spend the rest of your career playing it small, burning out and even missing out on the big fun events in your life, cause right now you just don’t have the time or financial freedom you Truly need to be living your best life.

That’s why you are super motivated to invest the next few months setting up your business to smash it in a market that can dramatically change the rest of your life and career.

You are ready to “put in the time to make this work”

By now I am sure you know that Personal Branding Photography is the future for us Pro-Photographers, but that not everyone knows this yet or understands how to sell it!

You know there is lots for you to learn to be seen as a leader in your area, but it also is your competitive advantage against all the shoot-and-burners who didn’t have a COMPLETE, step-by-step implementation plan to attract the high-end market, and a mentor to help guide at every stage.

But above all else, you are ripe, ready and super willing to get to work.

You are not afraid of putting in the effort (you have already done LOTS of that) you just don't want to waste anymore of your valuable time spinning in circles not sure where to focus next!

And because you are learning from a working Photographer guiding you through a comprehensive program to build and reshape your business and mindset from the ground up, you have total confidence that every hour you invest in your business will dramatically pay-off in the coming months... and years.

You can recognise that this is such a fabulous offer to Breakthrough

And that’s all I got for now…

If any of the motivating factors had you nodding your head saying yup Paula I’m feeling it - then I think its time we get on a call to make sure we are a good fit to work together. 

You should apply to Breakthrough if you are motivated by any of the following:

You know this is the time to make it work…
Like this is YOUR TIME

And this just Lights You Up!


"For anyone thinking of working with Paula, DOOOOOO ITTTT!!!! 

Put your big girl pants on, turn up with an open mind, a notebook that makes you feel great, make the space to do the work and you WILL get results"