Foundations to sharing and growing your personal brand online

You'll learn how to best communicate what you do, refresh or re-establish your identity and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge you are showcasing who you really are.


I've combined 15 years of experience helping women to feel more confident online and channeled it into this foundational step-by-step program that will teach you how to share more of your personality in your writing, your photos and on video.

After all you probably know that after all the changes we have experienced, online business is the way forward. You need to make sure that you and your authentic voice can be heard.

You've probably also heard that it takes less than 1/125 second for your potential clients to make a first impression of you when they land on your webpages.

You most likely already realise that your personal brand can position your business with integrity and high value in the market so you are seen as trusted, credible & the go-to-expert in your field.

Hi, I'm Paula.

Are YOu ready?

If you are an online entrepreneur, service professional, coach or consultant looking to attract a bigger audience and convert more clients, then you probably already know that you need a strong personal brand online.

are you ready

Pivot, Grow & Create

Make a Stellar First Impression Sharing
Your True Self - Your Personal Brand Online

Not feeling like getting on camera? I got you covered. I am going to teach you how to make sure when you show up on camera you will know the tips and tricks to help you to feel more confident. Remember no one is judging you - but you - but there are some insider tips I can share to help you to shift past this.

Take an objective look at you and your personal brand and then enhance it for online consumption. You will be ready for most applications.

Uncover your own brand story, learn how to tell it to connect with your audience and share it where it will move the needle in your business.

The Confidence Kit is the ONLY program of it's kind that...

The Confidence Kit is a step-by-step implementation program for business owners who are excited and committed to stepping out of their comfort zones and into online success.


You can overcome what has been holding you back, with a pro-tips and expert guidance to make you feel empowered so you show up and play big.

Once you uncover the power in your story and learn to articulate your message clearly, you will see momentum and feel a deeper connection with your audience.

You can become your biggest cheer squad in your business - but you need to have the right foundations first. 

And I can help.

With your permission I would love to show you how to bring out the best of you online.

What is The Confidence Kit?

What's in the course

Let’s get the ball rolling with a good deep dive on you and what makes you tick so we can uncover the marketing gold in your story.

Here you’ll get to know your ideal client, and go deep on what makes you uniquely you so that when people arrive on your pages they will feel like they have an instant affinity to you.

Even if you are uncomfortable selling you, we will help you to remove all barriers to sharing your business’s greatest marketing asset, you!


> Define your Ideal Customer Avatar Profile to really understand your audience so you can tailor your experience around their needs whilst still staying true to your own values

> Personal Brand Deep Dive worksheet, get objective as you uncover the elements of you own personal brand

> Your 7 Step must-read story-telling formula - no more feeling icky when talking about yourself online.

> Easily articulate what you do in any situation and create the copy you need to get you PR, speaking gigs and infuse into your social media.


Module #1

Getting to Know YOU Better

Now that you understand your brand story and why it is so important to your ICA to get to know more of you, it’s time to show more of you!

Here, you’ll become more comfortable and familiar with your camera and make it your friend :)

Shy away from the lens no more as I break down the fundamentals on how to make you look your best in bite sized easy to follow steps.


> Do-at-home photography tutorials, apply the foundations of professional photography & video in your own lounge room

> Improve your smart-phone captures with in depth pro-tips so you will know exactly what settings to choose when you need to.

> “The Ultimate Self-Posing Guide” so you look hotter, slimmer, more welcoming and engaged (instead of like a stunned mullet!)


Module #2

Become Camera Confident

Now that you understand the fundamentals of photography, you can apply what you have learnt to create engaging video, afterall we all know that video is where it is all at right now, so let’s get you on there.

Here, you’ll get set to start recording in your home to start attracting new clients and enhancing your customer experience using video techniques and smash it in your live videos.

Overcome your video fears once and for all with script templates and tips to help you relax and enjoy the video experience so your audience will relax and have fun with you.


> Learn the Golden Rules - no tricky tech - for creating high-quality video right in your own office or lounge

> “Customer Attraction Video Script” - create a high converting sales/lead page video to authentically get more leads without feeling awkward or sleazy

> Master your live video in shorter time than you think following the live video formula for success

> Create a seamless customer experience, removing objections and create a raving loyal tribe who will want to come again and again.


Module #3

Video Made Easy

Now that we have your About Copy, Photos & Videos taken care of, it’s time to put them into action as we focus on your website.

Here, you are going to make your website personal and improve the aesthetics and functionality so your customers are ready to say a big fat “Yes” or “I want to know more” when they arrive.

Even if you do not have a website, or are unhappy with the layout of your current one, you can apply these principles to your landing pages, sales page or even your social media pages. 


> “Website Essentials Checklist” - refresh your site so it is user friendly, easy to navigate and enjoyable to read to eliminate viewers bouncing out.

> Get discovered easier with SEO fundamentals, basic rules you can apply to your current web pages to take out the confusion and enjoy more google loving.

> Clicks & Links Essentials - make sure you a connecting online for greater visibility and traffic flow.


Module #4

Time to focus on your Website

Now that you have your website in order, it is time to start driving traffic to your refreshed and high converting website or offers, using Social Media.

Here, you will determine which platforms are your core focus, humanise your channels, create a strategy for getting more attention to your posts, relationships with your audience and better return on your most valuable investment - your time.

No more sitting blank faced in front of your desktop - stuck on what to post, with a stack of post-ready stories and eye-catching images at your disposal.


> “Social Media Platform Picker” - Audit your social media channels you are currently on for your business, save time, money and get in front of your ICA.

> “Theme-bucket Strategy” Worksheet - never run short of ideas on what to write and create resonance with your audience

> Increase engagement and get your audience to take action with the “Writing Pro Prompts” Worksheet.

module 1

Module #5

Refresh your Socials

You know it is time to take the leap, and you need a shot of confidence and professional support and advice to guide you in the right direction (or maybe to get it going at all).

You are embarrassed to let people search for you online, afraid of what they’ll find (old outdated photos and half-baked resumes) - your desperate for an online make over.

You truly feel like you can serve your audience better if only you knew how to share your own journey to help and inspire others.

You are an action taker and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work, in fact you are excited to know that the time you put in is a strategic and meaningful step forward in your business.

In fact your already investing time trying to write and rewrite your about page, take photos you hate and experiment with video, but without the know-how and a clear strategy you are getting blah (if any) results from all your efforts.

You enjoy the community of like-minded individuals who just like you are passionate about having a bigger impact.

If you said yes to at least 3 of the above, Now is the time to jump into The Confidence Kit

The Confidence Kit is perfect for you if...

Create Success


The Confidence Kit Program - Containing all 5 Modules!

Bonus: Mindset Shifts to unlock your success 


Start today to best communicate what you do, refresh or re-establish your identity and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge you are showcasing who you really are.

How Much Does it Cost?


Q: I am a product based business, does building a personal brand apply to me?

A: If you want to be known within your industry for what you do, the answer is a big fat ye-es. In fact I meet a lot of entrepreneurs who want to be the face of their business but are stuck hiding behind the products they sell.

No matter of your industry, if your goal is to bring the personality into your brand the lessons within will help you to achieve it.



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Q: I’m not really savvy when it comes to computers & software and social media, can I still complete the course?

A: Oh let me tell you, I am not hugely tech-savvy either. That’s why I have my tech-guru helping me to run you how to set up all the major social media channels.

We’ve got you covered no matter what your platform, you will find what you need in the resources library. Dont worry we have got you covered.



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Q: Why do I need a course to teach me what I could learn on google?

A: Oh lovely, this is a really valid question, but do you think you will actually do it? And how much time are you going to waste finding tutorials and outdated information.

Not only will the Confidence Kit save you lots of time trying to find the answers on google, but I will walk you through step by step so you will have the exact roadmap I used to create my own brand presence online.


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