Overcome your content creation overwhelm once and for all & become more confident in your day to day social media presence. 

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Sick of the dreaded feelings you get when it comes to showing up online?

Have a lot of value to share but just not sure how to put it out there?

Want to learn how to get over your self-promotion challenges?

Come and join Paula Brennan and her team inside the Confident Space. 

The Confident Space

Doors Are Open

A membership site dedicated to helping you build a personal brand when it doesn't quite come naturally to you. 

For $50 per month you get all of the following (plus more)...


Monthly Lessons

+ Simple step by step lessons

+ One topic of focus each month

+ Live Q&A sessions based around the topic

Themed Stock Images

+ New selection of images provided each month + Download and use on your own social media pages + 20 royalty free images per month  

Themed Templates

+ Easy to download Canva templates + Fully customisable to suit your own brand + Instagram tiles, PDF's, Powerpoints and much more  


About your hosts

Paula Brennan

Visual Branding Specialist 

I've been photographing professionally for 20 years.

And I have found my unique gift is helping people feel confident so together we can creatively bring your vision to life. 

I see the world through marketing goggles and look forward to sharing my insights and knowledge with you.

Talitha O'Rourke

Creative Artist & Retoucher

This lovely lady has a Bachelors Degree in Design & Communications with 7 years experience.

You might not see her a lot, but she's the one behind all your beautiful looking images. 

Her happy place is designing and we can't wait to share her beautiful templates and expertise with you. 

Jade Scarfone

Digital Marketer + Affiliate Expert

This girl has a degree in Journalism, loves to write, and has built a successful blog. 

Unlike us Gen X'ers she has grown up on social media and is no stranger to creating consistent content.

She has been an online marketer for several years and looks forward to teaching you how to use social media.


Gain confidence!

"Paula has helped me connect with my clients and inspired me to grow my business in ways I wasn’t confident in including technology, storytelling and strategy. I now feel that it is clear for all to see that I am an expert in what I do."

~ Emma Willmann

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As well as everything mentioned above you will get invited to our exclusive Facebook group where you get access to 3 different experts + a community of like-minded business owners to support you as you grow.

We understand the entrepreneurial journey can be lonely at times so we want to help you feel more connected to others.