Want to feel more confident with Live Video?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a novice, right now is the time for Video Calling, and Zoom can help you to rise in your business and even discover new avenues you didn't know were possible for you.

Don't hide away from this powerful communication tool .... let me teach you my 7 tips to Get Zooming with Confidence. 

In my free guide you will learn easy to implement game changers that can take your live video from shabby to shine, helping you to feel good to go live more often and create better connections with your current and potential tribe.


Hi I'm Paula Brennan...

I help entrepreneurs, business owners and all round awesome women just like you create images with intention to get themselves online visually!  

I have found my unique gift is helping people feel confident so together we can creatively bring your vision to life and then share more of YOU online with strategy.  

Let me help you to uncover and tell your story.  

I make you look great, and WE will create images of you that you will love.  


But more importantly, during all the steps of this experience, I will make you feel secure and supported.  

I've got you, You’re my speciality.  

What others have to say

"Being in the profession of an image consultant, the way I present to the world is my business card. In person, I’ve always nailed that but because I have always focussed on being present,  

I’ve not captured myself on film or camera in a way which does justice to my brand. Paula has helped me connect with my clients and inspired me to grow my business in ways I wasn’t confident in, including technology, storytelling and strategy. I now feel that it is clear for all to see that I am an expert in what I do."  

~ Emma of Statement Styling

"Thanks to Paula, I’m able to reclaim that vibrant, spirited, multi-faceted woman. She’s given me the WOW Factor! You can’t put a price on that. I finally have the clarity I so badly needed to put a stake in the ground and claim my unique brand - knowing that I can be convincing and consistent across every part of my platform. Paula has given me far more than standout images... she has helped me rethink myself, and shone a light on an exciting new path to leveraging my personal power and style."  

~ Melissa of PRIMEPreneur