Personal Brand Photography communicates YOUR brand story through beautiful quality imagery.

A great experience will make you feel comfortable so that you can show your true essence and personality.

When this magic happens you will be amazed by how quickly people are magnetised to you and your brand.

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Clients come to me at all stages in their business, whether you are a start-up wanting a few images for your new page, or an established business ready to take it to the next level.

Some clients are looking for a complete reinvention, a chance to really establish a new direction in themselves and in their business.

Others need regularly updated images to keep their social feeds fresh and full of variety.

Others have a new launch or specific marketing objective and require images specific to that promotion

And many just need beautiful images to represent them on their website or social media profiles.

When is it time for a Photoshoot?

What you will experience...

My job is to make sure you have the best experience, that you feel relaxed, connected and confident throughout, so that I can capture the best images of your to convey your brand story.

Firstly you will fill out a simple questionnaire, so that during your visual branding strategy session we will uncover all the parts of your story that you NEED to be telling. Next I will put together a detailed shoot plan including specific themes/stories so that you are best prepared, from clothes & props to locations and a final image shoot list. 

You also receive a series of photoshoot prep videos that will help you to be best prepared for the photoshoot day. And of course you can contact us with unlimited email support up until the day also. 


Visual Brand Strategy Session followed by a detailed shoot plan including themes & styling advice.

Professional Hair & Makeup so you look your very best.

Guidance and posing during the shoot so you look your natural best.

Fully edited images - all enhanced to look the very best they can.

Social Media Suite - we custom crop your images for most social media purposes including square, facebook banners, facebook ads & stories.

Every Personal Brand photoshoot with me includes:

THE details

I see the world through marketing goggles... Which means, I’ll extract from all the brand ideas and business ideas swirling around in your head, and create a unifying theme for your shoot.

(But you can bet I’ll come up with wild ideas on the fly -- they often turn out to be the best ones.)

I’ll tell you exactly what images you need for all the ways you plan to market, and ways you haven’t even thought of. I’ll bring in the styling team.

We’ll think out and plan out what you should wear. We look at what’s in your closet and add key pieces.


As for the planning...

Those photos you use for your social profile, website & business cards.

Ho you want to be perceived, whether it is professional yet down-to-earth, genuine with a bit or quirky, simply confident and connected or all of the above (that's the way I like it!)

This is the real deal - the real you… use these to illustrate your blogs and advertising. You can cut and paste yourself into just about anywhere with these.

Customers will get you, know you, fall in with love you and want to do business with you.


Profile / Personality



These days it's all about the reals (the IG reels and your real life!) 

But what if you hate taking selfies daily or stopping to get pics at every stage (let's face it who has time).

Let me follow you for a day and capture all the images you wish you had to post on your fb and insta pages.

Together we will pick the locations that fit in with your brand and let me help tell your story visually with you.

We will strategically choose activities and match locations to match the conversations you want to be having on your socials.


Capture your Lifestyle


We are not only looking for big picture images on your shoot day. 

I will be focussing in on what counts, so you can show and not always have to tell.

Think custom flatlays, working shots, product images for catalogues, activities you encourage your clients to do on a daily basis.

Having your own collection of customised detail and flatlays images means you no longer need to go scouring for them when you go to post or illustrate a blog.



It's all about the details

Not only do you get all the images, fully edited (yup through the photoshop ringer - ahem yes ladies we are on your side)

We provide all the images in colour & black and white, in print and web friendly versions.

Plus we take the pain out of cropping and resizing, ready for Facebook Banners, Ads, Stories and Instagram!  so all you have to do is pop on some text and hit upload.

So next time you go to post, you are all set.

No need to filter or alter anything, they are all good to go!


Social Media Ready Suites



Why not book a FREE 15 minute chat with me directly. I will quickly be able to help you to know which photoshoot is the best path for you!

WANT TO See if we are a good fit?

client love

The only thing I had been consistent with before I started working with Paula Was consistently ignoring the fact that I needed to create content for my social media pages. It was always on my to do list to get more photos I could use, record some videos and the list went on. I kept moving the tasks from one week to the next and nothing got done.

After chatting to Paula and working out a plan to get it all done in a day I knew that I had to go for it! In One day I got my hair and makeup done, got super clear on what I wanted to create and scripts written for my videos.


client love

Lot's of people can take photos, even good ones, but Paula's ability to capture someones essence is what lifts her up above most photographers.
I have worked on my body image for years. One photo session with Paula and her team wiped out so much of the unhealthy programming”

Kathryn Gorman - AUTHOR

client love

When I saw Paula's portfolio, I could see that she was seeing something that other photographers just weren't seeing, let alone capturing.
She turns into some sort of Photographic Wizard - directing every element of each & every shot, like an iconic movie director.


client love

Paula helped my to put into perspective how I could achieve my goals with images.

I am now confident in myself and what I advertise to my audience. I feel like I am now on a more professional level.


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