It's time for the world to see more of you and I want to help you

Are YOu ready?

Let's face it, putting your time, energy and money into your business can be scary & overwhelming.

Rebranding, creating your new website, showing up on social media...  you know you need to do these for growth, but if you keep no putting it on your to-so list, when do you ACTUALLY think that you will get around to it?

I want to make it easy for you to get out of your comfort zone and create image & video content, in a gorgeous environment surrounded by like-minded passionate women in business with a professional team to support and guide you.

Let me tell you... we make this simple so you will not only look good, but communicate well too...

Create for your business success in luxury


Because the world wants to see & connect with you more than ever 

Create up to a year's worth of personalised social media content with imagery & video starring you
(that you will LOVE)

Imagine this...

Arrive at a beautiful home and start to unwind with good company and all your needs met

Wake up each day and walk to the beach, national park, explore Noosa shopping or enjoy dinner watching the sunset over the water

Two days of styling and makeover by professional team, experts in making you look your best 

Video shoot day where you will create the videos you need to sell, launch or educate

Guided photoshoot at the house to capture profiles & lifestyle imagery to suit your brand at luxe home + cafes, nature & beach


You know it is time to take the leap, and you need a shot of confidence and professional support and advice to tip you in the right direction (or maybe to get it going at all)

You have had a photo/video shoots in the past, but perhaps feel like the photographer didn't quite capture your essence and convey the connection you are after 

You are tired of looking from the inside out of your business and need a fresh set of eyes to help you to see what perhaps you can't, in marketing you

You feel overwhelmed by the long list of to-dos in creating your dream business, that social media and content creation often get overlooked and leaves you feeling frustrated

You know so many people need what you can do to serve them, but you are struggling to make those connections with your current marketing and just don't know where to focus your efforts

This experience is for you if:


You will get all of this...

Luxury Accomodation - prepare and capture in Hilltop luxury a short drive from Byron Bay

Welcome Dinner -
meet Paula, your team and 3 other lovelies you will spend 3 days creating with

Breakfast & Lunch - no need to leave the house during the day, and explore Byron for dinner 

2 x Strategy Sessions - fully prepared for the best experience, plan for both photo & video days

Professional Make-up & Hair - you will look and feel amazing for both shoot days

Professional Video Shoot Day - interview or straight to camera, with guidance & support

Guided Photoshoot - with professional who makes you feel comfortable across multiple locations

Image Collection - 50 fully edited images + Social Media Suite

Video Content - intro/sales video + 2 additional videos + collection of moving portraits

GROW your BUSINESS with confidence

This business retreat is designed to give you a complete collection of lifestyle focussed personal brand image content + key video & short video portraits that will help you to stand out with your next launch, your new website, get more speaking engagements or simply infuse more of you into your social media pages, at a really reduced rate than trying to recreate this experience solo. 

Prices vary depending on your room selection. There are only 4 spots available, so first in gets preferred choice of room.

This includes all extras including the accomodation for 3 nights, a makeup team to keep you looking good, professional photography & videography and high resolution images that are all fully photoshopped afterwards. 

Images available 3 weeks after shoot (for full payment and payment plans)

Sounds great

So how much does it cost?


Q. How much 1-on-1 time will I get with Paula?



To begin with, I am going to do 2 planning sessions, one personal branding deep dive, to uncover all your marketing stories & make sure you know what to pack and wear, and the other to create the perfect video outline or scripts so you know you will hit all the beats you need to.

On your main video shoot day, you will have 2 hours with me to guiding you to make sure you deliver authentically and get over your video nerves.

And on the photography shoot days, everyone needs to get changed several times during a shoot, so whilst you are getting changed or getting your hair styled differently or checking yourself out in the mirror, we will be filming & photographing one of the other lovely ladies.


Q. What kind of video can I create?



On the video shoot day, we will create 3 videos, one main longer form video and 2 shorter videos. These are recorded with you talking either direct to camera (you can choose to ad lib or read from a teleprompter) or interview style, where you will talk to me off camera.

On the photoshoot day, my videographer will capture what is called B-roll, which is lots of footage of you in action, doing all the activities we will be capturing. This will be used to edit over the straight to camera video, to create gorgeous professional video content to help communicate your services, offers or brand story.

We also supply all the B-Roll in short portrait videos, so you can use them in your site + socials!
Watch your socials and feedback explode!!!


Q. Will my photos look the same as everyone elses?



Simple answer - hell no.

You are unique and I work super hard to make sure your images are unique to you and you only.

Everyones needs will differ, so I will have worked out the sequences and poses you need to showcase you and your brand story during your visual brand strategy. 

At each location I will choose specific angles and special nooks just for you!


Q. What happens if it rains?



As a veteran photographer (ahem yes 20+ years now) I am really good at shooting in all weather conditions.

If it looks like it is going to storm, we will re-route and change up the shoot days in order to get the most out of the weather, don't worry, we are veterans with the radar apps!

Trust me, overcast days can produce some of the best images you have ever seen!


Q. What is the cancellation policy?



If you need to cancel or reschedule, we will work with you for the best possible outcome.

If you need to cancel due to imposed travel restrictions, we will of course refund all monies paid, or try and reschedule to another date when travel restrictions ease.

Cancellations 60 days prior to retreat, entitled to full refund less costs incurred.

If you cancel 30 days before retreat, you will be entitled to 50% refund of your booking fee, unless we can rebook spot, in which case you will receive full refund less costs incurred.

If you cancel within 14 days of retreat start date, you will forfeit monies paid, unless we can rebook spot, in which case you will receive full refund less costs incurred.


Q. How long after retreat can I expect my images/video?



Full image collections including fully edited high resolution (for print) and low resolution (for web) images are available for download using private online gallery within 3 weeks of the shoot date & edited video will be supplied online at the same time.

We also provide images in a social media ready suite and as a custom App for your smartphone too (so many ways to view and share YOU!)

No excuses to not show up online anymore!!!


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