Is it time to a little freshen up to kick start your new year?

Are your social media profiles & about me pages are inviting people in?

Or do you cringe every time someone asks for your website or business facebook page, afraid of what they will see or find (or worse again NOT FIND!)

I know exactly how you feel, I was there too!

Paula Brennan Photographer

Me - a photographer! - ran my business in Sydney for the first 5 years without one single photo of me OR an about me page. 

Every time someone asked me for a card or my website details, I gave them the details quickly followed by excuses like -"I am currently updating", or "My site is in progress" 

Truth be told my site was "being updated" for YEARS!!!!!

Can you relate?

Don't worry you are not alone.

But this can be easily changed. In a matter of hours.


Feel Confident

I have to tell you it feels so good to have complete confidence when I direct anyone to any of my social media profiles or website, as I know they simply and effectively communicate who I am and what I do!

Yes in pictures... but also in words.

Most importantly they are consistently relevant & up to date! 

(And I don't even play on social media personally - AT ALL!)



First Impressions Matter

Too often I land on about pages that are full of fluffy industry terms, and long "resume" style stories that can be boring, leaving the viewer a bit confused about what is on offer and wondering what is in it for me?

If your online language and visuals are a little hazy or not up to date - what impression is that leaving on your potential customers or followers?

If any of this sounds familiar, I want to help you get clear in your online communication, so you can confidently lead someone directly to connect with you, whether it be on your website or social media pages.

I am going to share tips and hints to simplify your language to help you better communicate what you do, highlighting the value you deliver.


Cut through Overwhelm

When you think about social media posting does your mind go into overdrive, often leading to procrastination?

The world of social can be super intimidating. I used to find myself losing hours of my life, precious time lost agonising over a single post or comparing myself to other businesses who were way more established than me.

I want to share the stratgies & tools we use to make social media less intimidating and a more effective way of marketing and sharing all the good things you do, without losing hours of your life each week.


Sharpen your tools to make 2018 your year!

I am only offering 20 seats to both workshops, these will be hands on, get things done kind evenings, so if you are keen to get moving, secure your seat online below.

You will need your Phones, Laptops, IPads whatever tools you currently use to access your social media and website. And you can hook into our WiFi to do so!



Book both workshops and get $10 off!

Workshop 1

Refresh your 'About' profiles

Tuesday 13th February 5:30pm

Refresh your 'About' pages & Social Profiles with stories, language & imagery so viewers can quickly and easily get to know you and your worth.

Workshop Cost: $35 - 2 Hours

Workshop 2

Simplify your Social Media

Tuesday 13th March 5:30pm

Simplify your social media with the best tips & tools for planning, creating & automating your social calendar, so you can get on with your business.

Social Media

Workshop Cost: $35 - 2 Hours

Workshop 1 + 2

Refresh your 'About' pages + Simplify your Social Media

Social Media

Workshop Cost: $60